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About Trident Games

Trident Games is a small, Australian-based independent games company.

Currently in development is our debut game Dragon Tavern, as well as the much larger project Citadel. More games are planned for the future, as well as a pen-and-paper RPG version of Citadel.

The Dev Team

Shane Slamet - Lead Designer, Citadel

Shane Slamet, game systems designer for Citadel, has been designing games since he could hold a pencil. He is particularly passionate about RPGs and is a true believer in the power of both freeform storytelling and solid underlying game mechanics.

Yeshe Engelbogen - World Designer, Citadel

Yeshe Engelbogen, sometime world designer, was kept at the bottom of a 5 metre pit for a year while being denied personal pronouns and being made to moisturise excessively, until finally Citadel sprang forth fully armed and armoured. Blithely turning a blind eye to common wisdom, he holds to the belief that computer games can, and should, have artistic merit.

Glen Maydom - Lead Designer, Dragon Tavern

Glen Maydom, the brains behind Dragon Tavern, takes care of the creative content, game system, and a whole lot more. Computer gaming since the days of the old XT system (that’s 20 years by the way) and RPG gaming for almost as long, he is serious about gaming.

Thomas Rice - Overseer

Thomas is a long-time enthusiast for gaming, and online RPGs in particular. A veteran of the early MUD scene, he has been involved in the long-running prose online game Shattered World since 1990. Thomas founded Trident Games in September 2006 and currently oversees the development of Dragon Tavern and Citadel.

  • Dragon Tavern

    Dragon Tavern Ready to Play

    Dragon Tavern, a web based adventure game where everyone can be a champion, at least to some degree... Explore the wilds, beat up monsters and claim your fame!

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  • Citadel Saga

    Citadel Saga Currently in Development

    Citadel, an online multiplayer prose RPG set in a unique world of mysteries waiting to be uncovered, intruiges to unravel and dangers to best.

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