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  • Shane

    Citadel Developer Blog, Vol XI: Modern History

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    by: Shane

    History TomeAfter an appropriately long sabbatical for the Citadel blog, we return this week for another look at the world’s history. Last post, we studied what is known about the “lost eras” of history, for which there are few written records. Now we examine the Modern Era, the events that shaped it, the cultures it spawned, and the great adversities in store for it.

    The Rain of Stars has ended and a new era has come to Citadel. Commonly known as the Modern Era, it is properly known as the Era of Sanctuary (as in the notations ES for Era of Sanctuary, and AE for Astraic/Archaic Era). The cataclysms of the previous age have subsided and the world is free once more to form societies, build cities and explore new frontiers. More…

  • Citadel LandscapeHow do you chronicle the history of a world with no memory? Long have the scholars of Citadel faced off against this leering challenge, to varying degrees of success. They sift through the sparse ruins of the Ages Before, gleaning little but empty accounts of a seemingly endless era of devastation and abandon.

    One thing is agreed upon, and that is that the world has emerged from a long period of chaos, destruction and uncertainty. This period is almost universally referred to as the Rain of Stars. Estimates as to the length of this period vary from mere hundreds of years to guesses in the tens of thousands of years. Some even say that the Rain of Stars warped the passage of time itself, blurring day into night and effect into cause. More…

  • crystal1.JPGNearly 300 years ago, the world of Citadel woke up from a terrible dream. The world had been ravaged, and though none could remember what the world before was like, it was understood that the world had been transformed by some cataclysm.

    This cataclysm is known by most as the Rain of Stars. It is commonly believed that before this event, the sky was filled with glittering points of light. Some kind of war or other disaster must have befallen the heavens, for now these stars exist as debris, scattered across all known lands. The stars, luminescent crystals with strange properties, litter craters and scars the world over.

    Starfalls still occur from time to time, bringing with them not only destruction, but valuable resources. However, it is generally agreed in the civilized world that the cataclysm has subsided and that it is safe to rebuild. Indeed, for the last three centuries, the nations of Citadel have been defiantly forging their societies upon the ashes and rubble of the past. More…

  • This week, we look at the four Northern nations of Citadel: Orm, the Dead-Eyes, the Amadi and the Syndicate. In case you missed last week’s post, you may peruse it here to learn of the three Southern nations. Also, all the nations described here can be found on the Citadel World Map.




  • Of all the states and nations of Citadel, seven stand out as the powers to be reckoned with. Each represents a dramatically different worldview and culture, and conflict between them is an ongoing and inevitable product of this.

    The World of Citadel and its Nations
    The known world of Citadel and its political divisions.

    This week, we take a look at the three “Southern” states of the world: The Auldport Empire, the Hallowed Kingdoms and the Thornwood. More…

  • Quatrinode Star of XolHolding aloft their searing crystal-adorned weapons, Chanters go forth into battle. Bringing succor to their allies and doom to their foes, their resonant songs herald both war and sanctuary. Harnessing the same force that nearly destroyed the world of Citadel three centuries ago, the Chanters are the inheritors of an ancient and enigmatic power. When the stars that once glittered in the heavens rained down in fragments upon the land, the Chanters were the first to take up the fragments and unlock their incredible powers.

    Chief among these powers is the ability to heal, or more precisely to reverse damage taken, reverting the subject’s body to its pure, whole form. Through the proper musical resonant frequencies and a correctly cut “sun-star” orange crystal, the Chanter is able to work this amazing feat. It is this mystical healing that Chanters are best known for. However, most people do not realise the true extent of a fully trained Chanter’s powers. More…

  • byrefordsnippet.JPGIt is said by historians that Byreford is a land that cannot be conquered. Throughout its recorded history, the province of Byreford has never been successfully and totally annexed by any one nation. This is not due to lack of interest. Byreford is a rich and fertile land, strategically situated and possessing two safe harbours. And yet the province remains home to the dispossessed, the misfits of larger societies. It seems fated to forever remain a divided frontier, never home to one nation but to many.

    Byreford is the first zone of Citadel we plan to make available to players. While it may be a small fragment of the larger world we have designed, and one designed for lower-level players, it is still a richly-detailed place full of dangers, intrigues and mysteries. More…

  • Thomas

    Dragon Tavern is LIVE!

    Friday, May 16, 2008

    by: Thomas

    After many months of hard work, I’m happy to announce that Dragon Tavern is now open and ready to play!

    It’s been an absolute blast creating this game, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    What Is It?

    Dragon Tavern, a web based adventure game where everyone is a champion.. to some degree.. Explore the wilds, beat up monsters, steal their lunch money, and use it to buy a bigger stick. That’s the life of all true adventurers! Create your very own today, and make a name for yourself as the most powerful in the land. What are you waiting for? There’s treasure out there to loot!


  • The first title to be released under the Trident Games banner, a little web game called Dragon Tavern, is only hours away from being launched into the wilds of the internet. We’re all pretty excited about this, and crossing our fingers that we’ve created something as fun to play as it was to make. While we have no illusions about the fact this won’t be the next WOW killer, what we do hope is that everyone who plays the game, whether it be daily or weekly, only once or regularly for years, gets something out of it. A sense of achievement, an enjoyable distraction, or at the very least a few chuckles at some of the loot and traps.

    Before we launch, I’d like to personally thank everyone involved in the process, for just being there to bounce ideas off, or playtest the game in its various incarnations during different stages of development. You’ve all played your part in helping us to get this over the line and out the door, which despite being for a faily simple looking game, was no small task. So, with all that said, please jump in, pick a realm and class, and go get some loot! I’ll be in there myself.. just look for the guy losing all his money playing Mungskull in the gambling dens.


  • Citadel’s combat system does not attempt to reinvent the wheel, but does try to bring together some of the best aspects of real-time RPG combat systems. Depending on your class, the way you develop or “spec” your merit points, and your choice of weapon setup, you’ll have a different suite of passive, active and reactive combat abilities to draw on. This is nothing new, but we’ve put it together with an aim towards keeping things fun and tactically rich without getting too complex, and giving you a broad choice of how you want your character to fight.

    This is the greater part of the reason we do not restrict armour or weapon types by class. Certainly classes, their merits and their abilities will suggest certain weapons, armour and stances. Additionally, some classes will find it harder to advance their skills with certain weapons than others. The bottom line though, is that if you want to be a sorcerous Invoker who gets about in plate armour and a sword and shield, we wouldn’t dare discourage you from doing so. More…

  • Be honest. When you play an MMORPG, how often do you actually read the quest text? If you’re an insipid little fanfic-writing manchild like myself, that would be “fairly often”. But let’s pretend for a moment that you’re an average person with a life to lead and limited time for repetitive virtual-life activities. You don’t really care why you have to go slaughter 10 imaginary people with no relevance to you or your character. You just want the cash and experience points. Hurry up and click that “accept” button. There’s killing to do!

    So what of the quest-giver? The person who stands there in the same place every day, enticing adventurers to engage in possibly questionable acts with the promise of money and a fleeting sense of accomplishment, presumably for no better reason than that they’re too lazy to do it themselves. What’s their deal? Do these NPCs seem to have believable motivations for doing so?

    Amazingly, in some cases, they do. And that can make for a great quest. Sometimes there’s a story there that is actually interesting enough for players to give a hoot about the NPC and what they hope to accomplish. But what if on top of that, the player could get involved with that NPC’s life, influence them, befriend them, recruit them as an employee, even betray and ruin them? More…

  • Baron Wortshin - Guardian “Be like an oak - root firm and give no ground. Let the enemy tire themselves with movement! Be like an oak and weather your enemy’s blows until they spend their last strength. Only strike when they can no longer raise their hand against you, for then they are yours.”

    Thus spake Baron Berthold Wortshin, Rear Captain of the Ironwood Gang, who has also been granted the dubious noble title of “Hemi-Lord” of Split Rock Hill by the fickle King Oskar of Crowebyrne. But today’s blog entry isn’t about the Thornwood’s esoteric and whimsical system of earning noble title. It’s about Guardians. More…

  • Hi, I’m Shane Slamet, Lead Designer for the upcoming game Citadel: Lands of the Empty Sky. This is the first funded game project I’ve worked on and I’m pretty excited about it. Since I started work on the project, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the game from interested friends and colleagues… Okay, so just my Mum, really.

    To answer these calls for more information, I’m going to be publishing a weekly blog on what’s cookin’ in the Citadel kitchen. At the very least it’ll be a way to defuse situations where I am put at risk of becoming an incredible bore at parties and other gatherings. Instead of talking someone’s ear off for three hours about the subtleties of loot tables, I can simply say “You know, I have a blog.” And they’ll say “Oh.” At most, they’ll murmur something about having to check it out some time. Bang! Just like that! A social disaster smoothly and swiftly averted.


  • Shane

    Greetings from Sunny Tridentia

    Saturday, December 22, 2007

    by: Shane

    Hello, and welcome to the all-new Trident Games website! It’s good to have something presentable at last. We’re busy putting the final touches on Dragon Tavern, our debut web-based RPG, so watch this space for announcements as to the public launch.

    We are groin-grabbingly excited (just our own groins, don’t worry) about this, and will be sure to let you know the moment we’ve set a date for launch. In the meantime, please visit our Dragon Tavern page for more information about our rollicking, dungeon-bashing, loot-grabbing extravaganza!

  • BERKELEY, CA, March 2, 2007 - Skotos Tech, a producer of online games, has licensed its innovative StoryBuilder Kit to Trident Games, who will be producing a new prose roleplaying game with it called Citadel: Lands of the Empty Sky.

    Skotos has been developing the StoryBuilder Kit since 1999 to allow for the vivid creation of prose multiuser environments. It is built on DGD, which was also used by iChat to create its original chat server. At Skotos the StoryBuilder Kit is now the heart of four different online games, Castle Marrach, Ironclaw Online, The Lazarus Project, and Lovecraft Country: Arkham by Night. Citadel will be the first licensed game built using Skotos’ gaming engine. More…

  • Dragon Tavern

    Dragon Tavern Ready to Play

    Dragon Tavern, a web based adventure game where everyone can be a champion, at least to some degree... Explore the wilds, beat up monsters and claim your fame!

    Read more about Dragon Tavern...

  • Citadel Saga

    Citadel Saga Currently in Development

    Citadel, an online multiplayer prose RPG set in a unique world of mysteries waiting to be uncovered, intruiges to unravel and dangers to best.

    Read more about Citadel Saga...

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