Citadel Saga

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Citadel Saga

Citadel: Lands of the Empty Sky

Citadel: Lands of the Empty Sky is a new prose roleplaying game currently being developed by Trident Games. Sign up for the Citadel Mailing List using the box on the left to receive regular updates

The World

Citadel is a world of mysteries waiting to be uncovered, intrigues to unravel and dangers to best. In the grip of a new age of growth and industry, seven great nations race to expand their frontiers and hold sway over the world. With vile Ghul spirits, hunger-maddened Giants and hordes of other strange beasts lying in wait the risks are great; but with oblivion awaiting the losers there is no choice but to join the struggle.

Choose one of six unique races to journey into the Lands of the Empty Sky. Explore extraordinary and majestic locations, and influence a range of compelling and wildly diverse cultures.

  • Gain passage to the secret island harbour of the Dead-Eye, and assemble a scurvy crew of swashbuckling pirates.
  • Walk the grimy streets of Auldport, echoing with the clank and whir of strange mechanomantic devices, and build a trade empire to rival the Merchant Princes.
  • Take refuge in the sand-scoured oasis palaces of the Dune Saints and lead a people to salvation from a terrible lurking horror.
  • Travel beside the looming columns of standing stones in the rain-soaked mountains of Creminster, and take your rightful place in the ranks of nobility.

Your actions will change the fates of nations, so choose your allies wisely!

The Gameplay

Citadel combines solid contemporary RPG gameplay concepts with innovative new systems and daring new twists on old ideas. All of it is blended together and crafted to deliver an immersive experience which is tailored to the setting while emphasizing gameplay enjoyment, depth and replayability.

  • 8 unique combat classes: Guardian, Skirmisher, Chanter, Invoker, Mechanomancer, Primalist, Lifebroker and Dervish. Each class is a distinct gameplay experience, thematically tailored to their role in the gameworld.
  • Thrilling fight scenes: Use your classes’ abilities in real-time to devastate your opponents. The Hazard Proximities system allows you to lure your enemies out of cover, force them into traps, and even knock them off the edge of cliffs.
  • Rich character development: Further specialize your combat class with merit points to give your character individualized advantages in battle. Then further distinguish your character with weapon skills, stances and proficiencies.
  • Massive gameworld to explore: Our wilderness travel system allows you to explore a huge, continuous world on foot, by mount, sea or even air.
  • More than NPCs: No longer are NPCs just vendors and quest givers. You can cultivate contacts and friends amongst the NPC population and influence their lives. You can even gain contacts amongst the highest echelons of society and manipulate the fates of nations.
  • Inspired Crafting: Creating commodity items is only the beginning. Create and modify gear to customize it for the individual, using both mundane and supernatural enhancements. However, truly masterful crafting in Citadel requires inspiration, and you may need to put your very life at risk to find it…
  • And Much More: Citadel is bursting with innovation. If it was fun in other games, we’ve kept it fun, but if it can be improved, we’ve improved it!


Sample Class: Dervish

Though many Dervishes are pacifistic and ascetic by nature, their passions are enough to bring them frightening powers as they summon the Ifrit into themselves. The Ifrit claim to be composed of dust and fire, and in the throws of their deep trances the Dervish come to resemble them. Their whirling figures flicker and stretch as they induce a fearsome trance in themselves and where they pass the very earth beneath their feet is scorched and scoured clean.

Sample Abilities:

  • Dream Strike - This basic attack of the Dervish not only damages her foe, but draws her mind ever closer to the whirling vortex of Deep Trance.
  • Wheel Kick - One of many devastating martial arts moves, the wheel kick harms multiple foes at once.
  • Trance Step: Nesh (Sky) - The deadly dance of the Dervish is made of ancient and powerful elements. Fuelled by the intensity of battle, this Trance Step calls on the element of Sky to make her attacks nearly impossible to avoid or block.
  • Trance Path: North - As long as the Dervish stays constantly on the move, she has access to mystical centering techniques known as Trance Paths. In the Dervish mythology, North corresponds to the Writhing Sea, and constant regrowth. Invoking it lets the Dervish heal her own wounds in the midst of battle.
  • Desert Wind Technique - Techniques call on the Etheric nature of the Ifrit with whom the Dervish shares her soul. Calling on the desert wind, she dashes headlong at her enemy, phasing briefly into the spirit world and delivering a devastating, paralyzing attack when she re-merges with reality.

Sample Faction: The Dune Saint Nomads

A faction under siege, the Dune Saint nations fight a constant war with the insidious threat of the Ghul legions of the Black Desert. Lacking a single capital city, the Dune Saint clans of Urbacha Urugh follow a long annual migration, treading a careful pattern of movements laid down by their ancestors generations ago. Nonetheless, there are oases all through the Yellow Desert that have become the focal point for great encampments, and these are the focus of a vibrant traditional culture.

To the eastern end of the Black Desert lurks a perpetual threat to the clans - the cannibal armies of the Ghul - and it is response to this threat that the the arts of the Dervish were first developed. he greatest champions of the nomad peoples are the Saints themselves - charismatic religious figures who have been elevated into the ranks of the Jinn - and it is their light and leadership that force back the shadowy Ghul.

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