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    Citadel Developer Blog, Vol XI: Modern History

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    by: Shane

    History TomeAfter an appropriately long sabbatical for the Citadel blog, we return this week for another look at the world’s history. Last post, we studied what is known about the “lost eras” of history, for which there are few written records. Now we examine the Modern Era, the events that shaped it, the cultures it spawned, and the great adversities in store for it.

    The Rain of Stars has ended and a new era has come to Citadel. Commonly known as the Modern Era, it is properly known as the Era of Sanctuary (as in the notations ES for Era of Sanctuary, and AE for Astraic/Archaic Era). The cataclysms of the previous age have subsided and the world is free once more to form societies, build cities and explore new frontiers. More…

  • Citadel LandscapeHow do you chronicle the history of a world with no memory? Long have the scholars of Citadel faced off against this leering challenge, to varying degrees of success. They sift through the sparse ruins of the Ages Before, gleaning little but empty accounts of a seemingly endless era of devastation and abandon.

    One thing is agreed upon, and that is that the world has emerged from a long period of chaos, destruction and uncertainty. This period is almost universally referred to as the Rain of Stars. Estimates as to the length of this period vary from mere hundreds of years to guesses in the tens of thousands of years. Some even say that the Rain of Stars warped the passage of time itself, blurring day into night and effect into cause. More…

  • crystal1.JPGNearly 300 years ago, the world of Citadel woke up from a terrible dream. The world had been ravaged, and though none could remember what the world before was like, it was understood that the world had been transformed by some cataclysm.

    This cataclysm is known by most as the Rain of Stars. It is commonly believed that before this event, the sky was filled with glittering points of light. Some kind of war or other disaster must have befallen the heavens, for now these stars exist as debris, scattered across all known lands. The stars, luminescent crystals with strange properties, litter craters and scars the world over.

    Starfalls still occur from time to time, bringing with them not only destruction, but valuable resources. However, it is generally agreed in the civilized world that the cataclysm has subsided and that it is safe to rebuild. Indeed, for the last three centuries, the nations of Citadel have been defiantly forging their societies upon the ashes and rubble of the past. More…

  • This week, we look at the four Northern nations of Citadel: Orm, the Dead-Eyes, the Amadi and the Syndicate. In case you missed last week’s post, you may peruse it here to learn of the three Southern nations. Also, all the nations described here can be found on the Citadel World Map.




  • Of all the states and nations of Citadel, seven stand out as the powers to be reckoned with. Each represents a dramatically different worldview and culture, and conflict between them is an ongoing and inevitable product of this.

    The World of Citadel and its Nations
    The known world of Citadel and its political divisions.

    This week, we take a look at the three “Southern” states of the world: The Auldport Empire, the Hallowed Kingdoms and the Thornwood. More…

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