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  • crystal1.JPGNearly 300 years ago, the world of Citadel woke up from a terrible dream. The world had been ravaged, and though none could remember what the world before was like, it was understood that the world had been transformed by some cataclysm.

    This cataclysm is known by most as the Rain of Stars. It is commonly believed that before this event, the sky was filled with glittering points of light. Some kind of war or other disaster must have befallen the heavens, for now these stars exist as debris, scattered across all known lands. The stars, luminescent crystals with strange properties, litter craters and scars the world over.

    Starfalls still occur from time to time, bringing with them not only destruction, but valuable resources. However, it is generally agreed in the civilized world that the cataclysm has subsided and that it is safe to rebuild. Indeed, for the last three centuries, the nations of Citadel have been defiantly forging their societies upon the ashes and rubble of the past.

    Origin of the Stars

    What are the stars? Though most cultures agree that they descended from the heavens in some catastrophic event, accounts vary as to their nature and origin.

    The Chorist religions generally hold that the stars are lesser gods, and that their hubris and rebellion caused a great war in the heavens. They view the star crystals as fragments of gods, shattered and fallen in their epic conflict.

    Orthodox Star Chart

    The Orthodoxy of the Southern regions assigns each star type a place in a greater design.

    The tribes of the Marolean Coast believe that the stars are a curse, sent by angry ancestor spirits for the mistakes of the past. Others, such as the secular establishments of Orm and Auldport take a more philosophical view, seeing it as a cosmic disaster not unlike any other natural disaster. The cliffsfolk of the northern islands have a very different view, holding that the stars of the sky and the crystals on the ground are different things. They believe that the stars are sentient beings and still exist, but are hidden from view.

    Most dangerously, many of the more isolated cultures in Citadel do not believe that the Rain of Stars has ended. They cleave to the old ways which dictate that civilization is folly and the attempts of the nations to rebuild will be punished without mercy. Considered barbarians by the civilized world, these peoples raid and pillage with little concern for damaging what others have built. After all, the world will be ravaged again soon, so what does it matter?

    Types of Star and their Properties

    Whatever the reasoning for their existence, few can deny that the stars carry powerful properties which can be used for good or ill. There are 13 known types of star, classified by their colour. Most colours of crystal have their own particular known powers when activated, though some are more obviously useful than others.

    For example, orange stars or “sun-stars” are particularly sought after for their proven healing powers when used correctly. On the other hand, the properties of the indigo “shock stars” were not understood until relatively recently, and were used as cheap jewelery or considered mere baubles. The powers, if indeed it possesses any, of the jade-hued “fool-star” (called the “seed-star” in Northern regions) are still unclear.

    crystal2.JPGPerhaps the most famous of the qualities possessed by stars is that of the light blue “sky-stars” which are known to blur the line between our world and the parallel world of the mysterious spirits known as the Jinn. This happens in the vicinity of these blue stars to a degree regardless of whether they are deliberately activated. For this reason, they are considered hazardous by most people, but are valued greatly by those who have learned to turn the Jinn to their advantage.

    Sub-Types and Salts

    For each of these types, many have transparant and opaque sub-types with subtle or not-so-subtle differences in properties. The gold “flux-star”, for instance, is incredibly dangerous in its raw, opaque form. Exposure to flux radiation is known to result in uncontrolled mutation and usually painful death. However, the transparent, gem-like version of the flux-star is actually known to protect against that very same radiation.

    Though the stars are most valuable and useful in their whole crystalline form, many cultures have found uses for the powdered residue of crushed crystal. These are usually referred to as star-salts.

    Red star-crystals, commonly known as “fire” or “blood” stars, produce tremendous heat when activated. Red stars are best known for the applications of the whole star, which is the central component of the deadly and increasingly common “shard-lock” firearm. However, the salts of the red crystal are sought after as well, and are perhaps the most powerful raw explosive substance known to man.

    Activating Stars

    The methods of activating the powers of stars also varies. Red stars are known to react when simply struck, which is why they were one of the first of the star types to see common use. Others are less obvious, with an extreme example being the black “shade-stars” or “destiny shards” being so esoteric in activation that they will only work for certain people.

    Most types of star activate when the mechanomantic force known as elyctricity is channeled through them. However, perhaps the most famous method of activation for nearly all star types is the precise sonic frequencies produced by the Chanters.

    Stars in Everyday Life

    Stars are a pervasive part of life in Citadel, and are used for a dizzying number of applications from folk-remedies, street lighting and communication, to the summoning of spirits, the powering of compact steam engines and even the raising of the dead. They are a highly valuable trade commodity, and are often considered more valuable than most types of gemstone.

    Though smaller, broken and flawed crystals are used as part of everyday life, there are larger, purer stars - the brilliant jewels and paragons of their kind- which are coveted by powerful people the world over. However, these are not easy to come by, and it often takes a true adventurer’s skill and courage to acquire these prizes.

    In our next instalment, we’ll delve into the history of Citadel, of both the recorded kind, and of the theories concerning what came before the fateful Rain of Stars.

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