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  • BERKELEY, CA, March 2, 2007 - Skotos Tech, a producer of online games, has licensed its innovative StoryBuilder Kit to Trident Games, who will be producing a new prose roleplaying game with it called Citadel: Lands of the Empty Sky.

    Skotos has been developing the StoryBuilder Kit since 1999 to allow for the vivid creation of prose multiuser environments. It is built on DGD, which was also used by iChat to create its original chat server. At Skotos the StoryBuilder Kit is now the heart of four different online games, Castle Marrach, Ironclaw Online, The Lazarus Project, and Lovecraft Country: Arkham by Night. Citadel will be the first licensed game built using Skotos’ gaming engine. More…

  • Dragon Tavern

    Dragon Tavern Ready to Play

    Dragon Tavern, a web based adventure game where everyone can be a champion, at least to some degree... Explore the wilds, beat up monsters and claim your fame!

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  • Citadel Saga

    Citadel Saga Currently in Development

    Citadel, an online multiplayer prose RPG set in a unique world of mysteries waiting to be uncovered, intruiges to unravel and dangers to best.

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