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  • Shane

    Citadel Developer Blog, Vol XI: Modern History

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    by: Shane

    History TomeAfter an appropriately long sabbatical for the Citadel blog, we return this week for another look at the world’s history. Last post, we studied what is known about the “lost eras” of history, for which there are few written records. Now we examine the Modern Era, the events that shaped it, the cultures it spawned, and the great adversities in store for it.

    The Rain of Stars has ended and a new era has come to Citadel. Commonly known as the Modern Era, it is properly known as the Era of Sanctuary (as in the notations ES for Era of Sanctuary, and AE for Astraic/Archaic Era). The cataclysms of the previous age have subsided and the world is free once more to form societies, build cities and explore new frontiers. More…

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