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  • Baron Wortshin - Guardian “Be like an oak - root firm and give no ground. Let the enemy tire themselves with movement! Be like an oak and weather your enemy’s blows until they spend their last strength. Only strike when they can no longer raise their hand against you, for then they are yours.”

    Thus spake Baron Berthold Wortshin, Rear Captain of the Ironwood Gang, who has also been granted the dubious noble title of “Hemi-Lord” of Split Rock Hill by the fickle King Oskar of Crowebyrne. But today’s blog entry isn’t about the Thornwood’s esoteric and whimsical system of earning noble title. It’s about Guardians. More…

  • Hi, I’m Shane Slamet, Lead Designer for the upcoming game Citadel: Lands of the Empty Sky. This is the first funded game project I’ve worked on and I’m pretty excited about it. Since I started work on the project, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the game from interested friends and colleagues… Okay, so just my Mum, really.

    To answer these calls for more information, I’m going to be publishing a weekly blog on what’s cookin’ in the Citadel kitchen. At the very least it’ll be a way to defuse situations where I am put at risk of becoming an incredible bore at parties and other gatherings. Instead of talking someone’s ear off for three hours about the subtleties of loot tables, I can simply say “You know, I have a blog.” And they’ll say “Oh.” At most, they’ll murmur something about having to check it out some time. Bang! Just like that! A social disaster smoothly and swiftly averted.


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