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  • Glen

    Dragon Tavern Launch Day

    Friday, May 16, 2008

    by: Glen

    The first title to be released under the Trident Games banner, a little web game called Dragon Tavern, is only hours away from being launched into the wilds of the internet. We’re all pretty excited about this, and crossing our fingers that we’ve created something as fun to play as it was to make. While we have no illusions about the fact this won’t be the next WOW killer, what we do hope is that everyone who plays the game, whether it be daily or weekly, only once or regularly for years, gets something out of it. A sense of achievement, an enjoyable distraction, or at the very least a few chuckles at some of the loot and traps.

    Before we launch, I’d like to personally thank everyone involved in the process, for just being there to bounce ideas off, or playtest the game in its various incarnations during different stages of development. You’ve all played your part in helping us to get this over the line and out the door, which despite being for a faily simple looking game, was no small task. So, with all that said, please jump in, pick a realm and class, and go get some loot! I’ll be in there myself.. just look for the guy losing all his money playing Mungskull in the gambling dens.


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